2019 Teachings & Musical Performances

The full teaching and music series is live on YouTube from the Montana Christian Festival! You can watch just the teachings, just the music, or all of the weekend together! Check out the playlists on our YouTube channel or watch the videos in order below:


Reverend Gene Slavit – The Witness of God’s Creation

Reverend Kip Holdren – The Witness of the Animal Kingdom

Reverend Ted Bidon – The Witness of the Plant Kingdom

Musical Performance from Julie and Deb

Ms. Heidi Sather – The Witness of Music

Musical Performance by the Florence-Carlton Cowboy Church Band

Saturday Night Musical Performances Part 1

Saturday Night Musical Performances Part 2

Reverend Tom Knupp – The Witness of the Stars

Saturday Night Worship Music

Musical Performance by Kip Holdren

Reverend Ed Horney – The Witness of the Human Body

Reverend Mark Ladwig – The Witness of the Insect Kingdom

Reverend Tom Knupp – The Witness of the Birds

Musical Performance by Melody Carter and Rico Magnelli

Mrs Robin Magnelli – Creation & Evolution

Ian Thigpen – The Witness of the Land & Seas

Musical Performance by Julie, Deb, Jacque, and Allison

Reverend Rico Magnelli – The God of All Creation