2021 Montana Christian Festival

2021 Teachings & Musical Performances

The full teaching and music series from the 2021 Montana Christian Festival is here! Check out the playlists on our YouTube channel and subscribe, or watch the videos below:

“God Saw That it was Good “- Rev. Dean Sailer
“Living in Christ “- Rev. Kevin Carter
“Christian Community” – Rev. David Blackwell
Friday Night Concert – featuring Kip Holden, Julie Thigpen, Steve and Angie Munell, and Florence Carlton Cowboy Church Band.
“Our Road to Somewhere”- Rev. Michael Fort
“Healing” – Edna Sailer
Musical Performance Featuring Steve and Angie Munell
“Understanding Death and Dying – Cathy Dudley
“Fellowship with One Another” (Campfire Singalong)  – Rev. Stephen Dudley
“The Workplace” – DiAnne Karas
“Family” – Jacque Horney
“Learning is an Exciting Adventure” – Cindy Fort

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