Musician Profile: Robert Houk Hitchcock

Robert Houk Hitchcock began penning songs as a young boy in 1964 for his first songwriting and performing debut at a third-grade school assembly. He also went on to teach himself to play guitar, and so began his journey of writing, composing, performing and producing music that would touch the lives of people across the globe, developing his own unique and endearing style of simple melodies and thoughtful lyrics that reach deeply into the hearts of listeners. He has touched the hearts of countless thousands of people while pouring out his music live on four continents, eight nations and in over 100 cities around the world. His musical journey has produced an extraordinary legacy of uplifting Christian songs that have filled eight albums. Featuring his resonant acoustic sound, he produced an instrumental album called “Heavenly” which garnered placements in music libraries for television, film and commercials.