2021 Montana Christian Festival Video

This year’s promotional video combines footage from the 2019 event as well as beautiful scenery from around Western Montana. We hope you will join us July 1-4, 2021 for the Montana Christian Festival! For tickets and housing information click here or to contact us click here

sara hess

Musician Profile – Sarah Hess

Sara was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. At a young age she began to serve the Lord and her community with her gifted voice. From gospel hymns to high school choir and musicals Sara continued her love for singing performing in College Choirs and Musical Theatre.  Sara and her husband relocated to Helena MT in 2018. Sara advocates for …

Loving God Was Easier

In this video singing “Loving God was Easier” this quartet of performers includes Julie on the guitar and vocals, with Deb, Allison, and Jacque singing along.

Steve and Angie Munel

Steve and Angie Munnell

Montana Christian Festival 2021 welcomes a new addition to our program, Steve and Angie Munnell. The Munnell’s have served the body of Christ, individually and collectively, with their vocal and instrumental talents for 36 years. Steve’s voice is his gift, with a good ear for singing either melody or harmonies. Angie is a singer/songwriter and plays piano, guitar, viola and …

Michael Fort

Teacher Profile: Rev. Michael Fort

Rev. Michael D. Fort is husband to one, father to three, and grandfather, aka GP to six!  Since (thankfully) becoming a Christian at age 19, he has enjoyed the adventure of being a son of God with all power throughout the different phases of life.  At the tender young age of 50 and after spending 24 years as a full-time …

Cindy Fort

Teacher Profile: Cindy Fort

Cindy Lou Fort is wife to one, mother to three, and grandmother to six!  Raised in a home that believed “The Word of God is the Will of God,” she had exposure to an eclectic variety of Bible teachers and people from different cultures.  Helping others develop into “being their best” has been a life-long passion.  Mentoring young women and …

Teacher Profile: Rev. David Blackwell

David’s pastoral path brought him to Montana in 2005 as the Senior Pastor of Florence Carlton Community Church. He leads the preaching, vision, and leadership teams of the church. David grew up in a great Christian environment created by loving parents, and made the personal decision to become a follower of Jesus Christ in 1980. David and his wife Beth …

kevin carter

Teacher Profile: Rev. Kevin Carter

Kevin Carter was born in Chicago Illinois, raised in Southern California, and has lived in 15 states. He served in the U.S . Navy for 3 years during the Vietnam war. He heard the call of God as a young man and answered that call at the age of 24. He and his wife, Melody, have served together as ministers …

Stephen Dudley

Teacher Profile: Rev. Stephen Dudley

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, Stephen came to the accuracy of God’s Word in the Power for Abundant Living class in 1979.  In 1980 he launched into outreach, living in Florida, Arkansas, and Cincinnati, Ohio over the next 6 years.  In 1986 he entered the Way Corps Leadership training program where he met his future wife Cathy.  They were …

Cathy Dudley

Teacher Profile: Cathy Dudley

Cathy was born and raised in Sioux Falls, South Dakota in a large and active family.  Growing up she enjoyed hunting and fishing, having fun with family and friends.  She graduated from Augustana College in Sioux Falls with a BSN in nursing, and moved to Scottsdale, Arizona.  There she took the Power for Abundant Living class in 1984 and began …

dean sailer

Teacher Profile: Rev. Dean Sailer

Dean Sailer and spouse, Edna have been involved in Biblical study and teaching for over 40 years. Dean was born on a family farm in North Dakota. Ordained in 1992 as a minister of Jesus Christ, Dean has served as a minister in North Dakota, Idaho, Indiana, Montana, Ohio, and Colorado.  Dean and his wife Edna now live in Colorado.  They have …