Teacher Profile: Rev. Tom Knupp

Rev. Tom Knupp and his wife Marilyn are starting their fifth decade of ministering to God’s people. They have had the joy of sharing God’s Word on five continents and have for many years hosted a fellowship in their home in Raleigh, North Carolina. Following a secular career in the software industry, Tom now serves as secretary-treasurer of the OIKEOS Christian Network.

Tom is an enabler who builds teams by building individuals. He is equal parts leader and assistant, manager and individual contributor, analyst and advocate, writer and trainer, translator and interpreter.

His passion is to reach out to inspire God’s best to be their best for Him; and to empower them, mentor them, and help them develop themselves as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ. His objective is to build godly unity based on a common understanding and practice of God’s Word.

Teaching Topic: The Witness of the Birds

The first figure of speech in the Bible used in reference to God describes His action in terms of bird behavior. Just what did our Father have in mind when He decided to include birds in His plan of creation? Let’s see what we can learn about this together.

-Rev. Tom Knupp

Teaching Topic: The Witness of the Stars

What is God’s clock, and how and why did He design it? You’ll be astonished to see how perfectly every aspect of this marvel fits together to suit God’s purposes. Come with me on this voyage of discovery as we explore the witness of the stars.

Rev. -Tom Knupp