Teacher Profile: Rev. Gene Slavit

Gene Slavit is a Minister from Rancho Palos Verdes, California and has applied his classical studies degree from the University of Missouri to support Biblical research for more than forty years. He and his wife, Sherry, host freedomlifelight.com from their California home. We are very excited to have Rev. Slavit as a teacher at our event!

Teaching Topic: The Witness of God’s Design

God’s amazing design is seen throughout all of His creation–from the micro to the macro. Genesis chapter 1 describes every known field of science: from optics and astronomy to oceanography and geology, from chemistry and genetics to horticulture and zoology, from physics to astrophysics. His design principles include circular motion, organic and inorganic systems made from simple building blocks, earth’s interrelation with other bodies, man’s relationship with the people and world around him, and the great truth of a Father with His family. Be prepared for great personal insight and practical application as we explore together the witness of God’s design!

-Rev. Gene Slavit