Teacher Profile: Rev. Mark Ladwig

Rev. Mark Ladwig is a minister living in Lauderdale by the Sea Florida who has been serving the Body of Christ throughout the U.S since 1986. With a passion for pastoring and teaching his focus is to bring others to Christ and to help believers stand fast in the liberty wherein Christ has set us free.

His son Stephen is one of the performers for the event, check out his bio here

Teaching Topic: The Witness of the Insect Kingdom

In Genesis when God was finished with His creation He saw that all of it was very good. Everything He created, all that man could see, was to serve as a witness to His invisible attributes, power, and divine nature. Insects are no exception, with their beauty and diversity, and have been utilized in lessons, parables, and metaphors throughout the Scriptures all to benefit God’s children. Please join me on this exciting adventure into the insect kingdom.

-Rev. Mark Ladwig